WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimize

Improve your website speed with our guides and configuration files. 

Programmers and WordPress developers make you believe that speed optimization for WordPress is time-consuming and costly. We have simplified this optimization process, now everyone can speed up their WordPress site, even non-techies!.

  • Are you tired of your slow WordPress site?

  • Do you want green Core Web Vitals?

  • Do you think that Speed optimization is a time-consuming process that only techies can do?

  • You don't want to pay for expensive plugins and services?

We have optimized more than 100s websites. With the experience we have gained, we have created guides and configurations that we use ourselves.

With these guides, it's really easy to optimize your website. And it's all totally free

You don't need to be a techie for this. Just install and activate the plugins and enable the settings. 

Don't pay for expensive services. Follow our guides and get a fast-loading website with free CDN. 

You get green Core Web Vitals on cheap shared hosting. Save money on hosting, plugins and CDN.

PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals are now official Google ranking factors. Get better rankings, more search engine traffic, and earn more money


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This is what you get when you get access to our membership area.

Optimize WordPress In 30 Minutes

A quick and dirty tutorial to optimize your WordPress site. It's as easy as activating the plugins, following our settings and 90% of the WordPress sites get green Core Web Vitals.

You don't have to be a programmer for this, we do this with the help of plugins. No scripting or programming is needed. 

Total WordPress Speed Guide

All the tips and tricks in our book to optimize your WordPress site, require almost none or hardly any tech skills. 

LiteSpeed Cache Configuration

LiteSpeed Cache is one of our favorite cache plugins. Unfortunately, it only works with the famous LiteSpeed Webserver.

Import our configuration file and wait. LiteSpeed automatically optimizes your images, generates unique CSS and critical CSS files, and more.

W3 Total Cache Configuration
Superb cache optimization plugin for when you don't run LiteSpeed. Download and import our configuration file and enjoy your optimized website.

This plugin needs some help from other plugins but we wrote that down in our configuration tutorial. 

Free Help By Us

When you need help with optimizing, you have questions or anything else? You can contact us and we help you with everything concerning optimizing your WordPress site. Did I mention it's free?

  • Optimize your WordPress site with our guides and if you don't succeed we help you for free.

  • Optimize WordPress in 30 minutes
  • Total WordPress Speed Guide
  • LiteSpeed Cache Configuration
  • W3 Total Cache Configuration
  • Free Help by Us
  • Optimize your WordPress site with our guides and if you don't succeed we help you for free.
  • Optimize WordPress in 30 minutes$75
  • Total WordPress Speed Guide$100
  • LiteSpeed Cache Configuration$25
  • W3 Total Cache Configuration$25
  • Free Help by Us$150
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WordPress Speed Optimization

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